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There are many website design company around, why should I choose My Best Web Designer ?

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Best website design

My Best Web Designer –  One Stop Solution for Company Website Design & E-Commerce (Online Store) Website.

My Best Web Designer is a website design company (based in Johor Bahru Malaysia) that provide one stop solution for your company that wish to have a website to introduce your company product and service online, or directly let your customers purchase and make payment online. There are already many website design companies in Malaysia so what are we different from them ? We believe almost all companies would like to have a company website, but just worry about the high startup cost to own a website, and many people may not understand that even they pay a high one time cost for designing their company website, they still have to pay maintenance cost regularly in order to maintenance their company website. In view of this, My Best Web Designer offering sort of “renting” service for your company website, you just need to provide us the content, photo and product information that you wish to show in your company website, and we will design the website, register domain name and hosting the website for you. You just have to pay subscription fees based on the plan you selected, and that’s all! We do not charge a high one time cost, and there is totally no other Hidden Cost! All cost are shown clearly in this website. Just like a startup company most likely will rent a shop-lot for business instead of buying the property for business due to capital constraint, My Best Web Designer understand it so we propose this breakthrough service that aims to reduce unnecessary cost on you.

If you visit other website design company website, you may notice many technical terms or service that you do not understand how it is useful to you. My Best Web Designer make things simple for you, we design the website based on customer point of view, only provide the functions that we think are really useful for your business, and do not bundles with all other unnecessary functions that you don’t even understand and use yet have to pay for.

Responsive website design by My Best Web Designer


Why choose us to develop your company website ?

1) Our website design is responsive, simple yet elegant, it brings professional image to your company that impress your customers.
2) Our development progress is simple, we do not need to have a face to face meeting or even a single phone call, and your website will be ready. It save manpower cost for your company and us as well.
3) Totally no hidden cost and no high one time fees for your company website design, we only charge subscription fees yearly to cover domain, hosting server and website maintenance cost. All our payment is listed down clearly, some payment is flexible as you can choose to pay in one time only or add it in your yearly subscription.
4) If you approach other website design companies, most likely you need to spend a lot of effort to tell them your idea, or they will tell you their ideas on how to build your company website, thereafter they will give you a quotation, if the quotation price is out of your budget, all your effort are wasted, and you need to continue this cycle again and again until you find a company that offer a price that is within your budget. For My Best Web Designer approach, we list down all the pricing in this website, no hidden cost, only if you satisfy with the pricing then you come to us, this save much effort and cost for both parties, and that is one of the reason why our price is low.

My Best Web Designer does not have big marketing team, we only have good website designers, customers reach us is mainly through this website that you’re reading. It is guaranteed that the cost you spend is only on what you need and not on any other irrelevant cost such as auxiliary, marketing and rental cost. We had the following website design examples for business that is in operation now:






Website Design Works Well in any Platform

The Website Design is responsive and works well in any platform (i.e PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Laptop etc.), you do not need to worry some web content not able to show correctly in a small screen mobile devices as the website content and image will adjust by itself and perfectly fit in any screen size well, below is the photo that show the homepage of MyBestWebDesigner.com displayed by a 32 inch LED TV, a 17 inch laptop, a 7.7 inch tablet and a 4.7 Inch mobile phone.

Website Design by My Best Web Designer


The following video introduces the products and services that we provide:


Website Design and Functions:



Home pages consists of Logo (or Site Title), Banner / Slider, Menus, Feature Area, Direct Call & Map Function and Live Chat Function.

Footer Area:

Footer area exist at the bottom of every webpages, it consists of contact details (Phone, Email, Company Address etc) and a contact us form, customer can fill in the contact us form easily and send the message to your email.

Direct Call & Map Function :

Direct call & map function is very important especially for mobile device, customer can press the ‘Call Now’ button on screen to call your number directly and no need to look for your contact number elsewhere, research shows that customer will be more prone to call if website have direct call button. By pressing the ‘Map’ button on screen, customer can locate your company location on google map and google map GPS will bring them to your company without manually key in your company address on their GPS device.

Live Chat Function:

Live chat function enable customer to live chatting (Typing message) with your customer support while they are browsing your company website, customer can get live support if they have any question on your product and service. Customer will be happy and satisfied to get live support and this will surely help to improve sales.


PC Version Homepage: Homepage for Malaysia website design


PC Version Footer Area:

Footer Area


PC Version Live Chat Function:

live chat function on my best web designer



Mobile Version Homepage:

Homepage for mobile device


Mobile Version Footer Area:

Footer Area (Mobile)

Mobile Version Live Chat Function:

Live Chat (MObile)



Mobile Version Direct Call & Map Function:

Press ‘CALL NOW” button:

Direct Call


Press ‘MAP” button :

Google Map show your company location


For any enquiry, please contact us by phone +60127916852 or by email : Info@MyBestWebDesigner

Address: Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia

Website URL: www.MyBestWebDesigner.com



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